TP-Link Archer T2U Nano for TLS Traffic Interception
A guide on how to use a TP-Link Archer T2U Nano AC600 wireless adapter, along with the mitmproxy tool to create a intercepting set-up for inspecting, modifying and monitoring encrypted HTTPS traffic.
Live Memory Acquisition on Linux Systems
How to acquire a live memory image dump from a Linux system using the LiME Kernel Module. Perform memory analysis using Volatility with a custom Linux profile.
How to build a Debian MIPS image on QEMU
This guide shows how to install and build a MIPS (Big Endian) Debian Stretch (9.4) image for running under QEMU virtualization software. These steps could also be applied to other MIPS architectures.
How to Set up Nzyme and Graylog
A how to guide on setting up Nzyme and Graylog v2.3.2 using a Docker compose file. This tutorial can be applied to any platform running Docker software. Includes examples and configuration files.
Enable HTTPS for News on BBC Online
The BBC Online still forces users to use insecure HTTP by way of redirection. It's been over a year since BBC Online enabled HTTPS on their Homepage. However, deployment on certain paths are still is absent. The most relevant path being News, where the actual content resides.