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My name is Naz Markuta and I work in cyber security. This website serves as a personal blog where I share my experiences and occasional guides in various topics (mostly in IT). I鈥檝e tried to keep this blog clean and purely content focused.

Hacking Amazon's eero 6 (part 2)

This is second part of the Hacking Amazon鈥檚 eero 6 device, which covers reading and extracting firmware data directly from a eMMC flash chip. This is after the chip had been desoldered (not by me) off the device. I also share the equipment I bought during this project, including what didn鈥檛 work and what did. You can skip to this section on modifying a BGA159 chip reader. The firmware on the eMMC at the time version v7....

27 June, 2024 路 12 min 路 Naz Markuta

How to install OpenWRT on QEMU

Overview A short blog on how to install and run the latest version of OpenWRT using QEMU, on a machine with Apple M1. This is similar to my previous blog post on How to build a Debian MIPS image on QEMU. This guide uses the OpenWRT ARMv8 edition, which runs nicely on a Apple M1 chip. It also covers how to install the LuCI web management interface. Download and Install Select and download the necessary files from the link below....

8 April, 2024 路 4 min 路 Naz Markuta

Exploiting a JDBC deserialization vulnerability in MFT Server by JSCAPE

Update: Fixed proof of concept link. Background This research project started back in July 2023, at around the same time when a critical vulnerability in a popular file-sharing software called MoveIt Transfer was disclosed. More details about that particular vulnerability can be found here and here. I was curious and looked for other similar file-sharing software with security issues. And so a few Google searches later, I found a candidate, a software for enterprises called MFT Server by JSCAPE....

22 March, 2024 路 10 min 路 Naz Markuta

Hacking Amazon's eero 6 (part 1)

This is the first in the series of hacking Amazon鈥檚 eero 6 (3rd generation) Wi-Fi device. In this post I will be focusing on device disassembly, identifying pins, brute forcing JTAG, and reading serial output. The second part of the blog can be found: https://markuta.com/eero-6-hacking-part-2/ About Eero is a San Francisco-based wireless Internet company founded in 2015. It is known for making household consumer Wi-Fi products. The company was acquired by Amazon in 2019 for $97 million....

15 June, 2023 路 25 min 路 Naz Markuta

How to block .zip domains with pfSense

A short guide on how to block the entire .zip TLD using pfSense. In particular using a package called pfBlocker-NG, which can be thought of as a 鈥淧iHole鈥 alternative. pfBlocker-NG is capable of much much more but won鈥檛 be covered in this blog. Why is .zip TLD a problem? It鈥檚 simple really, Phishing. Whether it鈥檚 abusing a HTTP URI scheme or using special unicode characters, having a .zip TLD which has always been attributed to the compression file extension is just a bad idea....

25 May, 2023 路 3 min 路 Naz Markuta