KeyGrabber Nano USB Keylogger Review
Review of the KeyGrabber Nano USB Keylogger. An advanced tiny hardware USB keylogger that supports multinational keyboard layouts and languages. This review is of the non Wi-Fi edition.
Kali Linux Kernel 4.12 Wireless Problems
The recent Kali Linux Kernel update version 4.12.12-2kali1 completely broke wireless functionality resulting in poor performance and range issues. This post shows how to quickly resolve the wireless issues by downgrading back to the previous kernel version 4.11.6-1kali1.
A Few Handy Bash Shell Aliases
A handful of useful bash shell aliases that I've been using for years. They work on just about every default Unix and Linux system, including Mac OS. This post will be updated regularly.
What I Use for Password Management
What I personally use for Password management and a comparison against cracking encrypted databases files with other password managers.
Alfa AWUS052NH Wireless USB Review
Review of Alfa AWUS052NH Dual-Band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) wireless USB adapter. Testing Packet Injection, Deauth attacks, Evil-twin attacks, and more from various different packages available on Kali Linux. This review is should be suited to a Wireless Penetration Tester.